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FSF, 08/06/2019


I am frequently accused of trying to make money or run some sort of business activity, so I will repeat the truth once more. I make no money from running websites and I never have. Everything that I do is either activism or community oriented. Unlike Neighbourly, Trade Me or Facebook, What's App or Instagram, I am NOT in the business of selling ads or inventing products or services to lock people into a situation in which they are forced to mine their own data to maintain access to a social network.

What I do is strongly based upon the principles set out on which is a part of the Free Software Foundation. I have no intention of selling anything or starting a business, yet multiple times a year I am accused of trying to shake money out of people. When I hosted a forum for the purpose of stopping burglaries in my neighbourhood, I didn't ask anyone for money to cover the costs because the cost was insignificant!

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