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Russian course teaches women to cook and clean and read the bible. Watch on YouTube. Men who tolerate anything from women (including childish behaviour and gas-lighting) are begging for trouble. Tradition is sexy and we should return to it. There is nothing less sexy than a tired woman who constantly complains about being tired and stressed.

ps. my parents were divorced in 2002. I don't hate women but I sure as hell know what they're capable of. Often they sexually betray their husband in favour of riding a new cock, once the old one gets boring. This is dangerous for children. After a divorce, the woman's new boyfriend is often physically abusive or a sexual predator. There is no substitute for tradition.

If you're a guy and you think that women can do no harm and that their farts smell great, then you deserve to be butchered. Hopefully weak men will get into relationships with compulsive liars, and then catch an STD or get poisoned with something really nasty. Be ready to lose everything. Don't be an idiot and dabble with things you don't understand.

Paul Craig Roberts. Are White People Too Stupid To Survive
Plus. The Obituary For Western Civilisation Can Now Be Written

If you want webpages to load faster then install Brave Browser
Don't be fooled by Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, they are inferior at blocking ads and hidden trackers. Mainstream browsers are controlled by financial interest. Install Brave and you'll save mobile data and your browser is less likely to crash when loading webpages. It's almost instantaneous. Brave is based upon the Chromium Browser so its core is the same as Google Chrome, but without the spyware.

If you want great forum software then look no further than mybb. It's heaps better than phpbb. It looks neater and it's designed in a way that avoids annoying hiccups. phpbb has a lot of legacy stuff which is garbage, it works, but it's a nuisance to take care of.

I've read in the news today that a Trump supporter deflated that stupid Trump baby blimp. Good riddance. No doubt we'll see it on TVNZ and TV3 in 24 hours from now, when our MSM catches up with the rest of the world. I also note that NZ's suicide statistics are at an all-time high. Is this because we are a crappy island nation with poor morals? I crack up at how working hard is seen as a worthy trait - I have more respect for slobs who make large salaries without slaving their butts off. If there's one industry to avoid then it's anything that involves trucks or construction. Guaranteed exploitation, 6 day working week. Sad!

Now let me think about what else I should write about, and how to organise my writing. Hmm.

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