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Opps. I broke phpBB while updating. Looks like we beat the burglars anyhow, bye forum.

If you want great forum software then look no further than mybb. It's heaps better than phpbb. It looks neater and it's designed in a way that avoids annoying hiccups. phpbb has a lot of legacy stuff which is garbage, it works, but it's a nuisance to take care of.

I've read in the news today that a Trump supporter deflated that stupid Trump baby blimp. Good riddance. No doubt we'll see it on TVNZ and TV3 in 24 hours from now, when our MSM catches up with the rest of the world. I also note that NZ's suicide statistics are at an all-time high. Is this because we are a crappy island nation with poor morals? I crack up at how working hard is seen as a worthy trait - I have more respect for slobs who make large salaries without slaving their butts off. If there's one industry to avoid then it's anything that involves trucks or construction. Guaranteed exploitation, 6 day working week. Sad!

Now let me think about what else I should write about, and how to organise my writing. Hmm.

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