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Russian Hacking, 06/06/2019

GRU operative

Today I finished the last few pages of a book called Russian Roulette, which is about the 2016 election. Initially I thought that the allegations were a lie, and that Wikileaks had the documents leaked to them by a guy named Seth Rich who was assassinated. I changed my mind after reading the book.

It looks like the hack was the work of GRU and they did a damn good job of messing up Hillary Clinton's campaign. I hope that Russia has another surprise in store for the yanks in 2020. Maybe the U.S. will finally tear itself apart, and our NZ puppet leaders will have little choice but to avoid the U.S. in favour of China and Russia.

The U.S. is a cancerous growth in the arena of international politics and it needs to be removed at all costs.

I'm half-way through Malcolm Nance's book: The Plot To Destroy Democracy. This is a great book because it's more opinionated than Russian Roulette. If you work for the FBI you should definitely read Nance's book.

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