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Andrew Torba's Gab and Dissenter, 06/06/2019

the big tech monopoly is anti-competitive

America's 2020 election will feature more infowar than ever seen before. YouTube today announced a crackdown on their users because they want to be more attractive to advertisers. This won't go down well with some of their users! Facebook and Twitter also take a hardline stance on banning users for life (I'm already perma-banned from both) and it will only get worse.

Fortunately for freedom, a guy named Andrew Torba has created competitor services called Gab ( and Dissenter ( he previously made Gab Browser which is a fork from Brave Browser. In July they are releasing New Gab, which is a fork of the Mastodon social network. This is clever because while Gab is banned from Google Play and Apple Store, they can use Mastodon - there are already 2-dozen apps for connecting to Mastodon instances and those will now be used to connect to Gab (until they introduce some sneaky update to block Gab users)

Gab is also promising users that they'll be able to run their own server with Gab on it (decentralisation)

Check out @getongab on Twitter and see what they're posting. This is getting serious already and 2020 hasn't begun. This will be fun to watch.

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