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August 2018 - the voice of Jeff

New Zealanders are crying out for an independent media which speaks truth to power - but who will host and what means shall the broadcast transmit through? I have the solution, I'll start with my own website. I've already made my own audio broadcast and in the foreseeable future I'll start my own media production organisation and work with other people.

audio broadcast by Jeff Mitchell

the state of society right now

I made 3 recordings of myself talking and so far people have shown love only for 'society.wav' so I've removed links to the other broadcasts. If you can listen to me talking for 15 minutes then you've done well. Pat yourself on the back and feel free to not listen to the other broadcasts :)

a shout to my unofficial comrades

In addition, I'd like to give a shout to Dominion Movement in Wellington, who have been writing articles on their website lately. They're a right-wing youth movement with nationalistic opinions. They have a website (

Updated in August 2018

ps. I can be found on VK, YouTube, Google+ and Gab

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