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Groups of patriotic New Zealanders are putting aside their petty differences for the good of the nation, read on to learn more.


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My Vision: End government corruption and build a house for everyone who needs one. The MPs in our Parliament have done nothing to help millennials or zoomers, on the issue of housing. Parliament is no longer fit for purpose, all its MPs deserve to be sacked with immediate effect.

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The end of petty bickering: The fake news media has divided New Zealanders based on race to keep us fighting. We should acknowledge race and culture, but realise that the most important distinction between us is whether or not we are members of the governing class.

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Liberty and indefinite resistance: New Zealanders must defend their liberty from the New World Order occupation government, and courageously resist the globalist agenda to shut down free speech on the web.

Learn about white supremacy in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Read my NZ Patriot's Manifesto from 2019. Many staff at SIS, GCSB and the Criminal Investigation Branch resigned from their jobs because of my manifesto. The truth certainly hurts, even 2 years later!

Access a digital copy of my latest assault on your student flat's letterbox.